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Convert Brush sets to PNGS so that they can be used in other programs

  • By - Charlotte Salcedo
  • 25 July, 2020

Recently I came across some files, with the challenge to “Convert brush sets to pngs so that they can be used in other programs and vice versa. My google search just was not turning up any viable results it was mostly littered with reddit users begging in the forums for solutions on how to convert brush sets to pngs.

If you search on google you will never find the free solution that I’m offering, I had to dig really deep and it took a little effort and research on my part to find some viable programs to do the trick. I had several file formats where I needed to convert brush sets to PNGS so that they can be used in other programs, such as affinity designer, ArtRage, and so on.

 Convert  Brush sets to PNGS so that they can be used in other programs

I also came across many people searching to convert ABR files into images as well so I have included both programs in this tutorial so that you can download them and convert your files for free. So, the First program I want to talk about is Irfan view by Fosshub, this program allows you to covert PSP files to pngs, jpg and what not. It allows you to convert many file types and the program is free.

I have screenshotted all the file types it can handle for conversion and I also have created a tutorial on how to use the program because it really does not offer any instructions. The program as far as I know only supports windows and at the time of this article, I’m using windows 10 pro and it works beautifully.

You can download the program here: Download IRFANVIEW


In addition to converting other file types to pngs and jpgs you can also convert photoshop brushes to pngs and jpgs using ABR mate which is a free program as well.   We have decided to host the abrmate software on our servers so that way you don’t have to download the virus ridden ones from softpedia and other spammy software download sites.

You can download ABR mate here:  DOWNLOAD ABRMATE FOR WINDOWS

You can watch the entire youtube tutorial on our channel at Photohacklovers, we also have an amazing tutorial on how to pimp out your desktop and include how to obtain free software to turn any image into an icon file for your desktop.

That video can be found here: How to Pimp out your Desktop in 2020


  • author
    John Joestar
    Jul 13, 2022 at 19:14

    Thankyou for tutorial, very helpful as I was not able to find any other tutorial about this subject. However to other users I would recommend using ABRmate instead of irfanview, It is more simple and easy to use.

  • author
    Cully Barbosa
    Sep 05, 2020 at 02:24

    There is a free plugin for Mac users. Article here explaining where to get it and how to set it up:

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