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We provide digital downloads that are accessible via through your portal page you must create an account to access your files.

It is the users/buyers responsibility to have a viable computer and connection to be able to obtain and download files.

Due to liability and insurance issues and the fact that we don’t have access to your computer this will remain the responsibility of the user to download his or her own files.

We do not provide personal computer technical support we can only provide you with directions on how to obtain your download.

If your unable to understand or have issues with the video directions provided then you must consult an outside 3rd party tech support for assistance as we simply cannot aid in the repair of software or hardware, or browser malfunction.


Technical Support- How to download and extract rar files


How to download rar files and extract them using a cell phone
ANDROID: https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-use-rar-file-extractor-android-4177752
IPHONE: How to unzip files on Iphone

How to download rar files and extract them using a tablet

How to download rar files and extract them using a ipad/ ipad pro

How to download rar files and extract them using a mac

Download winrar free: https://www.win-rar.com/start.html?&L=0
Download 7-zip free: https://www.7-zip.org/download.html


What does the License for Commercial and Personal use entail?

COMMERCIAL USE / license: Commercial use is limited to 500 products, when you create a new product derived of 3 or more designed objects flattened, you may sell for commercial or personal use.

You may not sell content purchased herein for upload in its original form without alterations to sites like zazzle, redbubble, and or mobile apps. For example uploading a texture from one of our design packs to zazzle to sell cellphone covers is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

An example of commercial use would be to create a cell phone cover using the background but also including text and other graphics that can be sold on zazzle or used in apps a limit of 500 sales.

Under no circumstance can any of our content be used in its standard form for re-sell. You must create a new design!

What if I want to re distribute the graphics as-is  in mobile or on re-sell sites and or bundles?

You may purchase a  special re-sell license agreement by creating a contract and sending it to support@photohacklovers.com
or photohacklovers@gmail.com The cost per image pack or bundle is between $500-2500. For Content 25 or less the cost is $500 for the entire bundle, bundle packages between 26-100 it would be $1,000  and for bundles with products over 101 the cost is $2500 per bundle.  There are no in-between rates - so anything less then will still be the same price for example if you only want to re-sell 1 image the cost is still $500 regardless if you don't want the maximum content in that tier.


Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of the content in its digital format we do not offer refunds, this includes but not limited to, user error, mistaken product, wrong software, Internet connections issues, basically once you download THE FILE there are no refunds. Because we offer a video demo and complete photo descriptions, claims that product isn’t as described are not viable form of discrepancy.

In rare cases we may refund customers at our own discretion, We retain the copyright to all content herein, any transactions that result in refunds fully void licensing and cannot be used in any form neither personnel or commercial.


Common Download issues

BROWSER ISSUES: Popup blocker, JavaScript, cookies, malware viruses - it is up to the user to google his or her own issues simply downloading and installing a new browser should fix common issues

NOT ENOUGH STORAGE: if you don't have sufficient storage you cant download more files.

INTERNET CONNECTION: You cant download files if you have intermittent or a poor connection.

VIRUS, MALWARE - If your computer is corrupt your downloaded files will also be corrupt.

Ultimately it is the responsibility of the user to maintain his/her computer and be familiar with basic trouble shooting of his/her system. Not having knowledge of your own system and or technical aspects of how to use the internet or how basic functions work is not a seller error


Additional info

As a courtesy we assist our customers as much as we can however it is ultimately the responsibility of the user to research, google, tips, content to trouble shoot his or her own system.


Restart your computer after each trouble shooting step
• Get help from a friend or family member
• If you don’t have sufficient internet connection use a friends computer
• Contact 3rd party tech support help
We don’t offer support to download files to a cellphone, we don’t offer support for tablets or macs. We operate on PC's and therefore cannot assist with any device other then a pc.

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