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How to create a Realistic Firefly effect in Photoshop

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  • 29 August, 2021


How to create a Realistic Firefly effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a realistic firefly effect in photoshop. In todays Photoshop Tutorial
we will be using a sample free Firefly overlay from our 100 firefly overlays pack. 

Watch the complete video Tutorial

if you feel more comfortable watching the tutorial we have made a "how to create a firefly effect in
Photoshop Tutorial " on YouTube. You can watch it here:

Download firefly resources 

You can follow along using the free firefly asset provided, if you would like more firefly overlays you can
purchase the whole set here:

Adding the effect in Photoshop

 Adding Firefly overlays in photoshop is pretty simple, for the transparent overlays you can place them over
the image and you don't need to apply a blend mode, However for the black background overlays you will
need to provide one of 3 blend modes lighten, screen or color dodge.

You can scroll through the various blend modes in photoshop and find the right blend effect you are looking for.
To apply the blend mode simply select the layer and apply it to get the desired effect.

Fireflies overlay examples

Here are some examples of how we used the overlays. If you want to see more realistic firefly effects,
check out our Instagram for more  at

How to create a Realistic Firefly effect in Photoshop

Download your free exercise files here:

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  • author
    Sep 17, 2021 at 08:20

    Yes, I just re-downloaded the file and it is really large in size, Im not sure as to why, I got this photo from unsplash so that is weird, its actually the cover photo I used in the example file and photoshop video demonstrated.

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