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How to Pimp out Your Desktop in Windows 10

  • By - Charlotte Salcedo
  • 27 April, 2020


How to Pimp out Your Desktop in Windows 10

Windows 10 remains one of the most boring operating systems to date. If you are anything like me and
miss the good ole days of windows 7 vista than you probably have been trying relentlessly to customize
Windows 10 but have hit several walls regarding customization.

How to pimp your desktop

As annoying as windows 10 is, you may have wanted to throw your Desktop or laptop out the
freaking window. Windows 10 definitely doesn’t make it easy to customize.  I have learned, over the last few days
trying to fucking tweak my (P.C) is hard asf,.

The Pc is definitely the Poormans Crack machine".

These last few days I have been testing and tweaking Windows 10 to pimp it out to Pink aesthetic perfection,
I also put together a complete .ico file package that took me days to organize and I also included 3
Free software’s that will help you to pimp out your pc absolutely free.

How to Pimp out Your Desktop in Windows 10

So Make sure you watch the video on YouTube before you download the software and icons because I give you
very important tips on how to pimp your Windows 10 Desktop.

Drop it like its hot - Pimp out your PC

Heres what we will cover:

- How to customize and change the windows 10 Trash bin icons
- How to Create your own Icons in windows 10 using free software
- How to batch file multiple png files and turn them into .ico with free software
- How to Remove arrows off shortcut icons in windows 10
- How to change and customize windows folder icons
- How to customize and change windows system folder icons
- How to bring back Windows vista notepad and snipping tool
- How to change the desktop background, taskbar, and windows colors
-How to roll back windows 10 updates
- We also discuss size, color modification of windows 10 in further detail

Download resources and links:

Watch the video Tutorial
Download Link: Pimp out my Windows 10 Desktop



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