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Add Videos to Shopify Without Youtube for Free

Add Videos to Shopify Without Youtube for Free

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How to add Your own videos to Shopify Without Using Youtube for Free! + as a bonus we will learn how to make fancy videos for your site using a free software that uses your own existing Shopify product images to create professional videos for free.

This is so easy! Learn in 2 minutes How to Add Videos to Shopify Without Youtube for Free

I also use the videos to create Etsy videos, and add videos to my own Shopify product pages all without using YouTube. I made this tutorial because there are no videos on youtube that help or explain how to do this.

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Use this code snippet for the video

<video style="max-width: 100%; height: auto;" controls="controls">
<source src="your video here">
Your browser does not support our video.

Etsy videos size needs to be 720x720 for a perfect fit but mostly the 1:1 ratio will work if not use the 16:9 ratio

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