In this weeks episode on you tube, we will learn Digital Scrap Booking Tutorial, how to create a shabby chic photo frame. If you are pressed for ideas on how to create scrap booking photo frames than this vintage, rustic shabby chic scrap booking tutorial is the ticket. my tutorials are super easy I don’t use a lot of tech jargon, and I explain things easily not going to fast or too slow.

I assure you that even if you haven’t been able to learn Photoshop before, you will be able to complete this easy 15-minute Digital Scrap booking Tutorial. Follow along easily and create your own shabby chic photo frame as all the lesson materials are provided free in this weeks episode.

Digital Scrap booking Tutorial- shabby chic photo frames

Watch the video tutorials here: Shabby chic photo frame Photoshop tutorial

Here is a picture example of the shabby chic photo frame we will be creating:

Shabby Chic Frame Tutorial

Shabby Chic Frame Tutorial

Shabby Chic Frame Tutorial

Download the Shabby Chic design resources here: