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25 Brush Stroke Clipart- Modern Art

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A set of 20 unique Brush Stroke Clipart! Some of these Brush Strokes Clip Art elements have a wet, dry and glitter look giving it that authentic modern painted look. Each one is handcrafted and delicately gilded with gold or a colored glitter, which makes the paint look rolled in foils, glitter, and gold. You will also receive 4 Geometric frames as a bonus that is already styled with Gradient Ombre Gold Pink Blue Gold Rainbow Glitter Clipart and the brush strokes. Create an even more realistic modern look to your project! Great for Logos DIY blog headers, scrapbooking and so much more!

Heres what you get:

20 Brushstroke clipart in various golds, gradient ombre, pink, blue, gold, glitter and rainbow colors.
4 abstract Geometric shapes as a bonus.
Highresolution transparent files 300 DPI
Sizes vary from 2x3 inches to 3x5 inches to 5x