How to Upload Images – Desktop to Instagram

As a graphic designer, most of my files are on the desktop not my phone so I needed to know how to How to Upload Images from Desktop to Instagram free and easily. I tried many failed applications and methods, such as windows 10 Instagram uploader.  The windows 10 application is super buggy and doesn’t work well enough to be practical or useful.

I was just about to give up after installing and uninstalling several desktop applications.  Then  finally after several days,  SUCCESS! I accidently  stumbled  across a free and easy to use the desktop to  Instagram software application called gramblr. Not only does this app allow you to upload directly to Instagram you can also like others photos and get tokens that will, in turn, get you free likes on your Photo.

Why was this so important to me? Ever notice facebook isn’t as active as it used to be?  Well, that’s because people aren’t really on facebook anymore they are using Instagram. Currently, Instagram and snap chat are the number one social media programs.  People don’t want to read long dramatic status updates and look at advertisements.  It’s all about visuals now. (pictures) -get it 🙂

Pc to Instagram

Pc to Instagram

As graphic designers , We should be masters at visual media after all it’s our profession. Graphic designers, Photographers, and artists everywhere need to get on Instagram and snap chat that’s where potential clients and opportunities will be. People are waiting to see  all the wonderful and  beautiful art from all you photoshoplovers out there.

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