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Add Videos to Shopify Without Youtube for Free - Photohack Lovers

Add Videos to Shopify Without Youtube for Free

  • By - Charlotte Salcedo
  • 01 December, 2020

Add Videos to Shopify Without Youtube for Free

Dont have shopify? get a free trial of shopify -> http://bit.ly/2lCHJwg

How to add Your own videos to Shopify Without Using Youtube for Free! + as a bonus we will learn how to make fancy videos for your site using a free software that uses your own existing Shopify product images to create professional videos for free.

This is so easy! Learn in 2 minutes How to Add Videos to Shopify Without Youtube for Free

I also use the videos to create Etsy videos, and add videos to my own Shopify product pages all without using YouTube. I made this tutorial because there are no videos on youtube that help or explain how to do this.

Please subscribe and book mark this video as this is crucial to your sites SEO. Video is the future.

Use this code snippet for the video

<video style="max-width: 100%; height: auto;" controls="controls">
<source src="your video here">
Your browser does not support our video.

Etsy videos size needs to be 720x720 for a perfect fit but mostly the 1:1 ratio will work if not use the 16:9 ratio

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