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How To Make the Carousel Font In Melanie Martinez Video

Photoshop Tutorial:
How to make the carousel font In Melanie Martinez video carousel

After an extended search, I could not find the exact font Melanie Martinez used in the video. I also did not want to painstakingly recreate the font with the pen tool. 


However, I did find a similar font that is almost a dead on match and the best part its freaking free my creatives! 

The font is called Freakshow, the title is amazingly relevant to the song lol. You can download the free circus font Freak show click here.

In this week's photoshop tutorial episode I have provided a couple of free resources to help you recreate the carnival typography effect.

To get started creating Melanie Martinez Carousel Font, Please click here to download the resources from this weeks tutorial. 


To watch the video on how to make the carousel font in Melanie Martinez video just click play!

If you have any questions or need help leave a comment below and I will do my best to assist you my creatives!

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