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Custom Tool Bar for Photoshop

Custom Tool Bar for Photoshop

Free Custom Tool Bar for Photoshop provided absolutely free for viewers who subscribed and watched  Our latest video post on the photohacklovers youtube channel.

 In our last Photoshop Tutorial and trainging we went over  on how to customize the tool bar in Photoshop. This tool is was created to make Photoshop easier to use for beginners.

Custom Tool Bar for Photoshop

If your like me and absolutely cant stand the default Photoshop tool bar than this free custom tool bar will make your life so much easier in Photoshop, I know that it did for me. 

this toolbar has a really neat Easter egg, Photoshop has hidden a banana icon inside the tool bar and you don't have to do anything fancy to get it to show up, all you have to do is download the tool bar and double click to install it.

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You can download the free Photoshop banana tool bar here

Free banana custom toolbar for photoshop




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  • you can watch the youtube video here


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