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30 Websites to Download Free Stock Videos for your Socials - Photohack Lovers

30 Websites to Download Free Stock Videos for your Socials

  • By - Charlotte Salcedo
  • 05 March, 2020

30 Websites to Download Free Stock Videos for your Socials

Free Video stock

 The explosion of Tik-Tok and other viral videos on social media led me to create this article of, “30 Websites to Download Free Stock Videos for your socials”.

 It’s become crystal clear, that today’s users prefer video over any other type of social content. It seems, video is here to stay and won’t be going anywhere for a very long time. 

In fact, I think video is just getting started. Therefore, we will need tons of footage. But where will we find a ton of free footage?

 Right here, I have done all the dirty work for you and compiled a massive list of 30 websites to download free stock videos for your socials.

20 Websites to Download Free Stock Videos for your Socials

So here is the list of 20 Websites to Download Free Stock Videos for your Socials I compiled, and I hope you find it useful for your social media post, marketing designs and whatever it is that you feel like creating.

mixitco- premium free stock video site


This is my favorite Free stock video site so far! Mixitco has a lot of high quality and premium videos in 4k and just overall I think its the best place to get professional grade videos.

Plexels Free video footage


Pexels has thousands of free video Foootage files that you can use for free or commercial use for social media marketing.


Free stock video

With over 7600 free stock footage and stock video is obvious why this is a great site to download free stock video footage for all your creative needs.


Pixabay -Free stock videos

Is a collective community of creatives who share video footage that can be used for personal or commercial use.


Free 4k stock videos

This site has some free videos but also has a pro subscription to access the rest of their free stock video files.


This website offers free 4k stock video and stills that you can use for both personal and commercial use.

Free stock video

This site offers hundreds of free videos for personal or commercial use, however in their terms and conditions they require a credit link. free videos

Free shopify stock videos
This is shopifys free video site, there are free videos and paid videos you must go to the left side bar and select free to see all the free videos they have to offer.

Check out the links to 25 more FREE stock video footage sites,free&page=1

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